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BCCC a 501c3 public charity, is currently focused on teaching youth bicycle and pedestrian safety education. We are proud to partner with Safe Moves, another 501c3 that has been teaching bicycle and pedestrian safety for over two decades. 

Youth Education Events Calendar

 Event Dates

 2022-11-10 Pennecamp ES (Manhattan Beach)
 2022-11-14 Birney ES (Redondo)
  2022-11-17  Jefferson ES (Redondo) 
  2022-11-18 Washington ES (Redondo) 
  2022-12-01 Alta Vista ES (Redondo) 
  2022-12-02 Beryl ES (Redondo) 
  2022-12-05 Lincoln ES (Redondo) 
  2022-12-06 Tulita ES (Redondo) 
  2022-12-09 Madison ES (Redondo) 
  Completed events
 Participants served
 Hermosa Vista
 Hermosa Valley 153
 Hermosa Vista 151

Most of the above Youth cycling education events are made possible by funding provided by the BCCC.
RBUSD will be fully funding e-bike rodeos at their middle schools in the future, using Safe Moves for its events. We are proud of our role in this development.

Safe Moves bike rodeos feature a miniature city with streets, intersections, bike lanes, cars, trucks, traffic signs, neighborhoods, and a business district to simulate real life traffic hazards for student bicyclists. 

“Bicycle riding is fun, healthy, and a great way to be independent, but it is important to remember that a bicycle is not a toy; it’s a vehicle. The bike rodeo will help students understand about traffic, driver behavior, their rights, and their role in staying safe.” says Hermosa Superintendent Jason Johnson.

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