Bike Corral Rental

BCCC depends on the generosity of others to support our community outreach programs, one of which is the Bike Corral project.

The BCC Club:

  • Promotes Bike Corrals (free bike parking) at local events to encourage people to leave their cars at home and ride their bikes to the event. This reduces traffic congestion, parking issues, pollution and traffic noise and improves safety around the event.
  • Event personnel can rent all the equipment necessary to operate their own corral.

We recommend that the bike parking be no cost to the bicycling community.

 Rental Options

 All prices are quoted per day.

Multiple day rates are available on request.

 If you expect to park.....
 100 Bikes
 250 Bikes
 500 Bikes
 Over 500 Bikes

 BasicOption Items
 Bike Racks Fencing Canopy Table & Chairs Claim Tickets
 Equipment Rental Pricing
$100 $20 $10 $5 $10
$150 $30 $10 $5 $15
$250  $50 $10 $5 $25
 Call for Quote
- 50% deposit is required, refundable if no loss or damage occurs -

- The event sponsor's representative should sign a liability waiver form -

FAQ about Bike Corrals

I'm interested! How do I obtain and return the equipment?

Please contact us to arrange logistics. You will need your own equipment and personnel to load/unload and transport the equipment. The BCCC representative will unlock the facility for your personnel.How much space does a bike corral require?

You need about 900 square feet to park 100 bicycles.How many bike racks are needed?

Each bike rack holds 8 to 10 bicycles.

Where should the bike corral be located?

It should be near the perimeter of the event so that people don't have to ride or walk through the event to reach the corral. There should be one entry/exit point where people check in/retrieve there bikes.

How do the claim tickets work?

A two part ticket is used, one part will be attached to the bike, the cyclist will keep the other part. When a cyclist retrieves their bike they will show their ticket at the exit gate, the person in charge will verify that it matches the ticket on the bike.

Payment Info: Check should be made out to Beach Cities Cycling Club, Inc.

Address: 407 N Pacific Coast Highway # 411, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

For more information contact the BCCC President at

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