Have you ever been stuck on the road with a flat tire and not able to mount the tire back on the wheel because the tire is too tight?

There is now a bike tool, EZ-CLINCHER, that makes it easy to re-mount a tight tire by yourself without help. Solo rides can now be a less stressed when fixing a flat on the road.

The EZ-Clincher was developed by BCC member Matt Tarnay after experiencing numerous flats on his solo rides and not being able to re-mount a tight tire.

The EZ-CLINCHER has the following features: 1) be small enough to carry in a saddlebag or shirt pocket 2) adaptable to different size tires (up to 28mm) 3) light weight (30g) 4) no contact with the tube to prevent pinch leaks 5) creates a mechanical advantage to force the tire bead into the rim with less hand effort 6) made from a high strength lightweight material

Watch the tool in action on the EZ-CLINCHER web site: www.ezclincher.com Buy the tool on-line for $12.95 plus shipping. Contact Matt at info@ezclincher.com for any questions.

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