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How do I obtain a cue sheet for a ride?    The tutorial below shows you how.

There are two types of cues sheets available: a simple cue sheet and a customizable cue sheet.

The simple cue sheet is a single column, not so handy for use on a ride, but accessible by anyone by clicking on the link, even if you don't have a RidewithGPS account.

The customizable cue sheet is a more convenient option. This type of cue sheet is accessible to those with a free RidewithGPS account who have joined the RidewithGPS BCCC club account, or have a premium RidewithGPS account.

To join the Beach Cities Cycling Club RidewithGPS Club account follow this link then click on "Apply to Join".


You can also download routes directly to your cycling computer, if you have one.

RidewithGPS Help


Step 1: Access the ride you are interested in from the Rides/Events, or Calendar View menu.

Step 2: Click on the ride link of interest, in this case Triple Java Lite.

Step 3: For a simple cue sheet, click on "More", then select Print Cuesheet from the drop down menu: the result is displayed in Step 4.

For a customizable cue sheet, select Print Map & Cue PDF: then follow Step 5.

Step 4: Print the cue sheet. (Partial cue sheet displayed.)

Step 5: Customize the cue sheet choosing the provided options.

Step 6: Click on "Generate PDF". The cue sheet will download to your computer, then print.

Click here to view the sample cue sheet...Triple Java Lite Cue Sheet

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